This is reflected

This is reflected To three years there is a need for independence, strem pressure to act independently from adults, develops sa morozenka.

This is reflected in the speech behaviour in the choice of lexical and emotionally expressive the funds.

The child begins to speak about themselves in the first person.

To this time the active vocabulary of the child includes up to the words.

Instead of the simple dvukhsloinoi phrase he begins IP to use detailed proposals.

With mastering fra basic speech improving the assimilation of grammar system of language.

To three years, the child uses all the time Ty speech and builds complete grammatically decorated before their proposals.

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Chamomile The temperature decrease with an enema For enema use hypertensive RAS solution salt and herbal infusion of flowers ro Maski.

Salt solution tbs salt in Cup a little warm water.

Chamomile infusion take tablespoons color OECS daisies in a glass of water , boil on leading Noah bath for minutes, or brew in a thermos.

The container for enemas pear shall be soft tip.

Volume enemas for children depending on age up to months CET ml, from months to .

years ml, from .

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If it is necessary, spread

If it is necessary, spread Photograph as the table put in order looks.

Hang up a photo on a wall or attach to a board over a table.

Steps for maintenance of an order on a table .

Before starting performance of homeworks or Wad Dra gy work at a table, be convinced that it looks as on a photo.

If it is necessary, spread out things in places.

Having finished work, move away all superfluous that the table again looked as in the photo.

This step can be included in the list also evening procedures.

Once a week look through papers and decide what to leave on a table what to put in the folder, and what to throw out.

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Draw a half

Draw a half Take the old newspaper and put it in half.

Draw a half of a silhouette of a firtree, cut out.

Put a pattern on from the nanochny party of green fabric, lead round it and cut out detail, without leaving allowances for seams.

The FIRTREE FOR MALYSHAIZ of the same fabric cut out three rectangles malen the cue, is more and the biggest it will be pockets.

You kroyenny details have to be twice more than the real sizes of future pockets it will simplify sewing, will help to avoid laborintensive process of processing plus allowances on seams.

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After that

After that spoons, sour cream tablespoon, salt solution h.

spoons, greens to taste.

To clear an eggplant of a thin skin, to slice, moisten with salt solution, to give to lie down hours.

After that to put eggplants in a pan, to add the tomato sliced to cover ware and to extinguish minutes.

For minutes to readiness of vegetables to add sour cream and small cut greens parsley.

Rhubarb dishes Caviar from a rhubarb and vegetable marrows Rhubarb shanks pieces, a vegetable marrow pieces, vegetable oil tablespoon, sugar syrup h.

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